Saturday, September 24, 2011

You're Invited!

Here is your Invite to my Reddit Birthday:

To join the party add these usernames to your Skype account and join a free one to video chat!
redditbirthday1, redditbirthday2, redditbirthday3, redditbirthday4, redditbirthday5, redditbirthday6, redditbirthday7

Special Features

Reddit Birthday USTREAM:
This feature allows the guest to view the whole party from a webcam set up to view the room from the artists point of view. You may log on to chat on one of the many computers or just watch on ustream or both!

Reddit Birthday Synchtube:
This feature allows those at home to sync to the music that is being played at the party. The music is a compilation of memes and viral videos on Youtube. Syncing music allows for the party experience to reach the guests at home.

A Special Thanks
Joseph Mulvanerty is a technology specialist serving the media
and entertainment industries. He is also a musician who has been
performing with the Irish-rock band Black 47 for over ten years.
Joseph currently resides in the Bronx where he is active in the
aviation and amateur radio communities.

Thank you to Joseph Mulvanerty of One and One Productions for
allowing me to use your facilities to make this party possible.

Valve approved Companion Cube Cake

This is the Companion Cube cake I made for my Reddit Birthday Party this Tuesday!  Click on the image below for instructions on how you can make your own!

P.S. Only 3 more days until my Reddit Birthday!  Stream it live HERE and stream the party playlist HERE!  See you on the internets!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Thank you so much to everyone who supported and donated to my project! I am so grateful to be able to create my work and be the proud owner of a 3d printer. When I receive the money at the end of September I will be streaming the building of the 3d printer and the printing of the work. You can follow my progress on my USTREAM CHANNEL The Kickstarter is not over until September so there is still time and need for donation. Any money over my $3000 goal will go toward paying the people that are making this happen (my 3d designer and computer programmers) a little more money. They have been so generous helping me and I would like to be able to sweeten the deal for them!

Live Video streaming by Ustream

A big thanks to the people who have already donated:

And a big thanks to those who donated their time:
Jimmy Zelinskie
Travis Choma
Robin Grearson
Angry Designer
Francisco Hui
Mary Huang
Jeffrey Pena
Katarína Hybenová
Noah Becker
Katinka Simonse
and everyone in r/technology and r/favors and r/nyc

Reddit Birthday Meme Inspired Party Supplies

Just picked up a few party supplies for my Reddit Bday.  The theme is leaning toward My Little Pony inspired by the upcoming new season to premier on Saturday September 17th at 9AM.  There are a few Pokemon and Spongebobs thrown into the mix for good measure.  Next week I have a date with Baked Ideas, a bakery I where I used to work.  I will be creating a Portal inspired Companion Cube Cake for my IRL guests and volunteers to enjoy.  I hope you all have your calendars marked for the first ever virtual internet birthday party!  Party favor will be provided for both IRL and virtual guests!  Don't miss it!

Ashley's Reddit Birthday
September 27th
via skype

skype id TBA
Streamed live on USTREAM

Monday, August 15, 2011

Roman Opalka

well well doesnt this look familiar...Roman Opalka
From his wiki article:
In 1965, in his studio in Warsaw, Opałka began painting a process of counting – from one to infinity. Starting in the top left-hand corner of the canvas and finishing in the bottom right-hand corner, the tiny numbers were painted in horizontal rows. Each new canvas, which the artist called a 'detail', took up counting where the last left off. Each 'detail' is the same size (196 x 135 cm), the dimension of his studio door in Warsaw. All details have the same title, "1965 / 1 – ∞"; the concept had no end, and the artist pledged his life to its execution: 'All my work is a single thing, the description from number one to infinity. A single thing, a single life.'

I found his work today while casually flipping through an old conceptual art book while on the phone.  I immediately ended the conversation when i saw his work.  It looks so much like my hexadecimal paintings its eerie.  Upon my discovery I quickly looked up his wiki only to find that he passed on only a week ago.  chills.

^ My hexadecimal painting with Opalka painting and detail in book ^

"The Starry Night" and detail, hexadecimal on canvas, 2011

Goodnight Sweet Prince
Roman Opalka
August 27, 1931 – August 6, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Im pretty sure Im in love with my 3d designer

I received an email in my inbox today from my 3d designer telling me about all these wonderful companies that produce 3d printers. Three words to describe "angrydesigner": knowledgeable, helpful, hardworking. I highly recommend this person to anyone needing 3d assistance!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reverse Abstraction Sculpture

My next venture is to construct an object out of hexadecimal in 3D. In order to do so I have acquired the help of a 3d designer I met on reddit (who has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable) and I will use a build at home makerbot kit to construct a 3d printer and print my sculpture.

Here are just a few sketches of what we have come up with so far. These are just testing out the concept of creating an object printed code. The finished product will resemble a chair used by Joseph Kosuth for conceptual purposes.

As of now the only thing that stands between me and my sculpture is funding.
Please donate to my kickstarter fund

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Femanon is a commentary on female internet presence and a spoof on the youtube makeup tutorial and.  By exaggerating the act of a typical beauty regiment, I reveal its absurdity and the absurdity of the attitude toward women online. The strong, mainly male voice of underground internet culture promotes female objectification.  When revealed that the anonymous poster is a female the usual response is "tits or gtfo" (get the fuck out). But is not only males to blame,  many female posters exhibit attention seeking behavior such as cam whoring (just what it sounds like), excessive posting on facebook, beauty polls, and other shallow ways to seek approval.  Many underage V& (pronounced vanned. illegal under-aged users) post pictures of themselves asking if they are beautiful. This insecurity of females online feeds into the masculine voice of the internet (and it doesn't help that 95% of the internet is pornography.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reddit Birthday

Sept 27th 2011 mark your calendars! On this day I will be holding a virtual birthday party in honor of my one year Reddit birthday. Reddit birthdays are celebrated each year on the day you created your account. Many Redditors choose to make something to post in honor of that day. For my Reddit birthday I will be posting skype links to several computers that will be placed at my birthday table. I will host video chats with anonymous people from around the world as my guests at my birthday party. As a party favor each guest will receive reddit gold. This birthday party will be a well choreographed performance that will also be streamed live on ustream for all to enjoy. As guests sign in and out of the party I will have a team of stage hands switching chat screens, taking screen shots, and logging usernames for distribution of party favors. Invitations will be posted on reddit the week of the party.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reverse Abstraction

above: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Reverse Abstraction is a series of works created in binary and hexadecimal code. These codes are the basis of a computer’s language. The ones and zeros stand for the processors most basic functions of on and off. The works in this series are taking the idea that this is how a computer would perceive art. This is reversing the abstraction of art to the computer, abstract being a word used both in art and computer science. A work of art is either abstract to the human viewer and understandable to the computer or vice versa.

What is art but a message to be decoded?

detail: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just an experiment

Lets put this theory to test using modern day technology on issues such as:

abortion (click to see result)

Homosexuality (click to see result)

Evolution (click to see results)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WTF Tinkebell!

I have stumbled upon a perfect example of what i am trying to achieve while browsing WTF on Reddit the other day. I noticed a familiar work of art done by none other than tinkebell, one of my favorite artists and a dear friend. I thought the comments were interesting so i forwarded them to her. She receives a great deal of hate mail from people upset that she is using animals for art. Although her art is grounded in raising awareness for animal rights, her critics never bother to get to know that. Less than 1% of her hate mail was made into a surprisingly thick book.

Tinkebell's book - Dearest Tinkebell

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

reddit meetup

I like the idea of bringing strangers together. There are people behind the usernames.

Clarke's law

Clarke's law:
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

The future of conceptual art will be produced on or by computers.  Any conceivable conceptual art today can be produced by ones and zero.  Binary code i.e. ones and zeros stands for "on" and "off" on a transistor of the CPU.  Basically everything conceivable is made up of a series of only the commands on and off.  All existence and reality can be created by the flipping of a switch.

What will it mean to print out binary vs paint binary with the human hand?  (the juxtaposition of technology or lack of human written in a primitive human way.)

3D plotter creating an object out of the binary code making it.  The object for people and computers. both human and machine can then relate to the object.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Arbitrary Day: personal art gift

Arbitrary Day is an event created by Reddit Gifts.  This is the attempt by the online community to participate and exchange gifts IRL (in real life).  I am interested in this concept of the internet crossing over into real life.  It is usually a one way street in which we give up a lot of "real life" interactions to virtual ones and it is nice to see it being used the other way around.  Arbitrary Day basically a secret santa on an arbitrary day.  By signing up I am paired with another Redditor and committed to sending them a gift to arrive on that day and in exchange i will receive a gift. The gift is your choice. My match goes by the username dejennarate.  I have chosen this opportunity to share and test my latest idea - binary imaging.  Based upon the response I receive from dejennarate will determine if i continue with my binary imaging project.

Digital image of the work being sent to dejennarate. It is a binary coded personal message. This is my first binary imaging "painting" and a test run with this idea.

binary on canvas
11" x 11"

Response from dejennerate:

her response:

also here is what i received:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bird Feed: My First Gift

Bird Feed is a modified version of a previous project, Bird Cage. Bird Cage is a beautiful yet disturbing image that places viewers  in direct communication with their own mortality to bring about a new perspective on life. The piece references the ancient Buddhist tradition of meditation on the foul, and serves as an object of meditation and reflection to clarify perspectives clouded daily by the fast-paced, media-based lifestyle of western culture. The new project, Bird Feed, imposes this reflection upon the viewer. Bird Feed transcends the gallery setting and can appear anywhere there is a monitor and an open internet source.Where media has numbed a culture, this technology will be used against it to awaken a more lucid, mindful way of being.

Bird Feed is a program written in javascript that streams a live feed of the decaying bird.  Still shots are also banked in hard drive of the source computer for later reference.
To share Bird Stream use this code:
<script type="text/javascript">
function refresh(){
document.images["birdfeed"].src=""+"?"+new Date();
setTimeout('refresh()', 10000);}
// -->
<a href=""><img src="" id="birdfeed"></img></a>

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3.8 Breaking the First 2 Rules of the Internet

Urban Dictionary describes it best:


you have just entered the very heart, soul, and life force of the internet. this is a place beyond sanity, wild and untamed. there is nothing new here. "new" content on 4chan is not found; it is created from old material. every interesting, offensive, shocking, or debate inspiring topic youve seen elsewhere has been posted here ad infinitum. we are the reason for "not safe ". we are the anonymous army. cross us and you will fail. anonymous is everywhere. you depend on us every day. we bag your groceries, we fix your computers. anonymous sees you before you see him. sitting at desks around the world right now is a nameless, faceless, unforgiving mafia composed of the best of the best. 

Though the end is a little extreme thats the basic gist.  This is where the content of the viral Internet culture is created.   It can be refreshed time after time a reveal new content in seconds.  Besides being extremely addictive it is a fascinating form of communication and creation.