Saturday, September 24, 2011

You're Invited!

Here is your Invite to my Reddit Birthday:

To join the party add these usernames to your Skype account and join a free one to video chat!
redditbirthday1, redditbirthday2, redditbirthday3, redditbirthday4, redditbirthday5, redditbirthday6, redditbirthday7

Special Features

Reddit Birthday USTREAM:
This feature allows the guest to view the whole party from a webcam set up to view the room from the artists point of view. You may log on to chat on one of the many computers or just watch on ustream or both!

Reddit Birthday Synchtube:
This feature allows those at home to sync to the music that is being played at the party. The music is a compilation of memes and viral videos on Youtube. Syncing music allows for the party experience to reach the guests at home.

A Special Thanks
Joseph Mulvanerty is a technology specialist serving the media
and entertainment industries. He is also a musician who has been
performing with the Irish-rock band Black 47 for over ten years.
Joseph currently resides in the Bronx where he is active in the
aviation and amateur radio communities.

Thank you to Joseph Mulvanerty of One and One Productions for
allowing me to use your facilities to make this party possible.

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