Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WTF Tinkebell!

I have stumbled upon a perfect example of what i am trying to achieve while browsing WTF on Reddit the other day. I noticed a familiar work of art done by none other than tinkebell, one of my favorite artists and a dear friend. I thought the comments were interesting so i forwarded them to her. She receives a great deal of hate mail from people upset that she is using animals for art. Although her art is grounded in raising awareness for animal rights, her critics never bother to get to know that. Less than 1% of her hate mail was made into a surprisingly thick book.

Tinkebell's book - Dearest Tinkebell

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

reddit meetup

I like the idea of bringing strangers together. There are people behind the usernames.

Clarke's law

Clarke's law:
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

The future of conceptual art will be produced on or by computers.  Any conceivable conceptual art today can be produced by ones and zero.  Binary code i.e. ones and zeros stands for "on" and "off" on a transistor of the CPU.  Basically everything conceivable is made up of a series of only the commands on and off.  All existence and reality can be created by the flipping of a switch.

What will it mean to print out binary vs paint binary with the human hand?  (the juxtaposition of technology or lack of human written in a primitive human way.)

3D plotter creating an object out of the binary code making it.  The object for people and computers. both human and machine can then relate to the object.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Arbitrary Day: personal art gift

Arbitrary Day is an event created by Reddit Gifts.  This is the attempt by the online community to participate and exchange gifts IRL (in real life).  I am interested in this concept of the internet crossing over into real life.  It is usually a one way street in which we give up a lot of "real life" interactions to virtual ones and it is nice to see it being used the other way around.  Arbitrary Day basically a secret santa on an arbitrary day.  By signing up I am paired with another Redditor and committed to sending them a gift to arrive on that day and in exchange i will receive a gift. The gift is your choice. My match goes by the username dejennarate.  I have chosen this opportunity to share and test my latest idea - binary imaging.  Based upon the response I receive from dejennarate will determine if i continue with my binary imaging project.

Digital image of the work being sent to dejennarate. It is a binary coded personal message. This is my first binary imaging "painting" and a test run with this idea.

binary on canvas
11" x 11"

Response from dejennerate:

her response:

also here is what i received:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bird Feed: My First Gift

Bird Feed is a modified version of a previous project, Bird Cage. Bird Cage is a beautiful yet disturbing image that places viewers  in direct communication with their own mortality to bring about a new perspective on life. The piece references the ancient Buddhist tradition of meditation on the foul, and serves as an object of meditation and reflection to clarify perspectives clouded daily by the fast-paced, media-based lifestyle of western culture. The new project, Bird Feed, imposes this reflection upon the viewer. Bird Feed transcends the gallery setting and can appear anywhere there is a monitor and an open internet source.Where media has numbed a culture, this technology will be used against it to awaken a more lucid, mindful way of being.

Bird Feed is a program written in javascript that streams a live feed of the decaying bird.  Still shots are also banked in hard drive of the source computer for later reference.
To share Bird Stream use this code:
<script type="text/javascript">
function refresh(){
document.images["birdfeed"].src=""+"?"+new Date();
setTimeout('refresh()', 10000);}
// -->
<a href=""><img src="" id="birdfeed"></img></a>