Monday, August 15, 2011

Roman Opalka

well well doesnt this look familiar...Roman Opalka
From his wiki article:
In 1965, in his studio in Warsaw, Opa┼éka began painting a process of counting – from one to infinity. Starting in the top left-hand corner of the canvas and finishing in the bottom right-hand corner, the tiny numbers were painted in horizontal rows. Each new canvas, which the artist called a 'detail', took up counting where the last left off. Each 'detail' is the same size (196 x 135 cm), the dimension of his studio door in Warsaw. All details have the same title, "1965 / 1 – ∞"; the concept had no end, and the artist pledged his life to its execution: 'All my work is a single thing, the description from number one to infinity. A single thing, a single life.'

I found his work today while casually flipping through an old conceptual art book while on the phone.  I immediately ended the conversation when i saw his work.  It looks so much like my hexadecimal paintings its eerie.  Upon my discovery I quickly looked up his wiki only to find that he passed on only a week ago.  chills.

^ My hexadecimal painting with Opalka painting and detail in book ^

"The Starry Night" and detail, hexadecimal on canvas, 2011

Goodnight Sweet Prince
Roman Opalka
August 27, 1931 – August 6, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Im pretty sure Im in love with my 3d designer

I received an email in my inbox today from my 3d designer telling me about all these wonderful companies that produce 3d printers. Three words to describe "angrydesigner": knowledgeable, helpful, hardworking. I highly recommend this person to anyone needing 3d assistance!