Monday, July 11, 2011

Reddit Birthday

Sept 27th 2011 mark your calendars! On this day I will be holding a virtual birthday party in honor of my one year Reddit birthday. Reddit birthdays are celebrated each year on the day you created your account. Many Redditors choose to make something to post in honor of that day. For my Reddit birthday I will be posting skype links to several computers that will be placed at my birthday table. I will host video chats with anonymous people from around the world as my guests at my birthday party. As a party favor each guest will receive reddit gold. This birthday party will be a well choreographed performance that will also be streamed live on ustream for all to enjoy. As guests sign in and out of the party I will have a team of stage hands switching chat screens, taking screen shots, and logging usernames for distribution of party favors. Invitations will be posted on reddit the week of the party.

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