Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A good follow up to the internet being a creative place is describing memes.  Memes are the Internet phenomena of viral videos, images, catchphrases, ect.  Basically inside jokes within certain online communities some of which go viral. Everyone hopes that their creation will be accepted even though the author is almost always anonymous or hidden by a username.  This is a curious concept, very few create with no intentions of being credited. I believe this to be the purest most honest sense of creation.  This is a venue where you are unattached and create for the joy of creating and seeing others enjoy the work. This venue also provides the freedom of not being responsible for the content and the ramifications of creating questionable or risky work.  The memes are chosen from this mass of content by the internet's open judgment system that allows for the best to rise to the top through up-voting and down-voting.  This system puts the user/viewer in the seat of power.  I will be using this system of critique to evaluate my work through out my exploration.  Who knows I might even create a meme.

Some classic memes:
Hamster Dance
Dancing Baby

Some Recent Memes:
Advice Animals

Friday Rebecca Black

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