Saturday, May 7, 2011

3.4 Talking to Strangers

Browsing Reddit I discovered  Often screen shots are taken of funny conversations that occur on this site that allows you to anonymously talk to strangers.  I have chosen to use these anonymous chats to conduct research for my future work to be placed back into the internet.  I will be hereafter referring to this project as "the gift".  I have chosen a broad topic on which to base "the gift".  The topic is beauty.  I have chosen this topic as it is a good metaphor for art. Yet this is much easier for people to talk about without pre-existing knowledge as we all hold our own opinions on this subject. (click on images to expand)
My hopes are the more I chat with people the more I can refine my questions and retorts.  These first chats are trial and error to find what it is people respond to.
 Here I test the waters on questions directly relating to art. As I counted on there is not much knowledge on the subject.  I will not stick to questions pertaining to beauty a more universal topic.
Here I leak information on my project and myself.  I have decided now that I will avoid this from now on.  I will however explain that it is for research purposes but keep anonymous for the most part.  I have chosen to ask questions on personal beauty practices in order to start learning about my audience.

I will also ask questions such as "What lead you to this site?", "Why do you use this site?", and "Can you recommend another site?" In order to learn the driving force of the internet and expand my internet "toolbox".

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