Saturday, May 7, 2011

/b/ is Not Your Personal Army or is it?

While surfing popular forums I came across a well know performance art video by a famous artist.  The video was posted under the topic of WTF. The comments made by the confused viewers interested me because the art was completely taken out of context.  These comments posted were the purest form of critique on the video as the viewers had no knowledge of what they were looking at and had no gallery or museum cues that this was in fact art. I became interested in the idea of using the internet as not only a means of creating art but as sharing it using its vast populous as my own personal research team.  I will in short learn the ways of the internet culture and allow it to guide me through my artistic process. The work produced will be placed back into this culture using its own venues to then be interpreted by those who aided in its creation. 

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